Our Careteam

Office Manager
Zach has always believed that the world needs a little more compassion. He couldn’t think of a better place to focus that energy than in a veterinary hospital! His varied professional experience coupled with his lifelong passion for animal care made the veterinary field the perfect fit. Zach is proud to help pet parents and their furry companions as a member of the clinic’s front-desk team.

Zach grew up in Amsterdam, New York and first came to the Syracuse area to study at Le Moyne College. His professional background includes experience in fundraising, recruiting, and workers’ compensation, and when an opportunity arose for him to use his business and human resources experience in a veterinary setting, he jumped at the chance! Zach became a member of the Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital family in June of 2017 and hasn’t looked back since.

Zach’s favorite part of his work here at the clinic is the direct impact his efforts can have on pet owners and their companions. He loves being able to make each and every visitor to the hospital feel welcomed, comfortable, and cared for. Getting to meet and greet adorable pets every day is just the icing on the cake!

Away from work, Zach’s main hobby is exercising. He likes competing in triathlons and other races, including the local Mountain Goat race. So far, his greatest accomplishment has been completing the Ironman race in Chattanooga, Tennessee in the fall of 2018, a feat that involved 13 and a half hours of straight exercise!
Veterinary Technician
Stephanie grew up in Canastota, New York with her parents and younger brother, and felt an intrinsic connection with the earth’s creatures from a young age. She’s always suspected that she would love working alongside other pet-lovers in a place that valued the love and loyalty our animal friends give us. Stephanie has found just that here at Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital!

Stephanie became a member of the hospital’s front-desk team in 2009, and her favorite part of the job is talking with clients and interacting with their adorable pets. In her 10-plus years as a member of the hospital family, she’s found that no two days are ever quite the same!

In her time away from work, Stephanie likes reading, traveling, and spending time with her family. She and her husband, Andrew, share their home with their two wonderful sons, Austin and Mason, as well as a pair of cats named Magic and Mittens.
Before she was an employee here at Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital, Pam was a client. She brought her own beloved dog in to see Dr. Bunnell, and the care, compassion, and kindness she received during her visits made a permanent impression. Pam knew that she wanted to give the same kind of service to other pet owners, so she took a chance and applied for a job! Now, she’s a proud member of the front-desk team.

Pam is originally from New Jersey but grew up in Central New York. She worked in the property and casualty insurance field for many years until retiring in the fall of 2018. It wasn’t long before she had accepted a job offer here at Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital! Pam particularly enjoys meeting a wide variety of pets and owners, and she makes it her mission to help every visitor—whether they have four legs or just two—comfortable during their time here at the clinic.

When time permits away from work, Pam likes decorating her home, spending time outdoors, gardening, and going for walks with her silly beagle puppy, Lucy, who never fails to put a smile on Pam’s face. She also enjoys spending time with her daughter, Katie, who lives outside of Boston with her husband, dog, and two cats.
Licensed Veterinary Technician
Sarah is a pet owner herself. She knows how important our animal companions are, and she’s always wanted to do her part to help them live the best lives possible. That’s why Sarah decided to become a veterinary professional! She’s proud to serve pets and animal parents on a daily basis as a member of Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital’s Veterinary Technician team.

Sarah is from Chittenango and attended the State University of New York-Canton to earn her degree in veterinary technology. She graduated in 2012 and launched her animal-care journey at a one-doctor practice in Syracuse before moving to a bigger practice a few years later. When the time came to look for a smaller, family-oriented practice once again, Sarah was thrilled to come across an opening here at the clinic. She joined the Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital family in the fall of 2020 and hasn’t looked back since!

Medically, Sarah is fond of dental cleanings and loves seeing a dirty mouth become clean again. Above all, she likes to meet a wide variety of pet personalities every day and chat one-on-one with their loving owners.

Away from work, Sarah is an avid quilter and even runs her own small business making keepsakes. She and her husband have two wonderful daughters who always keep Sarah on her toes, and she also shares her life with several animal companions: Bleu, a German Shepherd who is trained in obedience and search and rescue; a pair of lovable cats who go by Mowgli and Thor; and a Lionhead rabbit named Frankie who is truly the boss of the house.
Licensed Veterinary Technician
Caitlin and her family always kept pets around the house while she was growing up in Syracuse, New York. Whenever a furry family member would get sick, Caitlin felt powerless to help. She knew she wanted to do something to change that. For Caitlin, helping others’ pets through the power of veterinary medicine is a dream come true!

Caitlin moved to North Carolina a few years ago and decided to advance her career in the world of veterinary medicine. She attended Miller Motte College, graduating in December of 2020. The following summer, Caitlin passed her Veterinary Technician’s National Exam to become a Licensed Veterinary Technician. She’s been helping pets hands-on in that capacity ever since, and couldn’t be happier to serve pets and animal parents right here at Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital.

Medically, Caitlin enjoys cytology work and always likes examining samples under the microscope. She’s also passionate about client education. If the knowledge she passes on to animal owners can help even one pet in a small way, it’s worth it!

Outside of the office, Caitlin likes crafting, baking, reading, relaxing at the beach or by the lake, and listening to music. At home, she has two dogs—Cooper is a Cattle Dog mix who is Caitlin’s shadow, and Zoey never fails to make her smile—as well as a pair of cats named Oliver and Maverick. Snickerdoodle the rabbit rounds out the animal portion of the family.
Veterinary Technician
Ashley grew up around everything from dogs and cats to horses and cattle. She’s spent her whole life working with animals, and always knew that a career in the veterinary world would suit her well. Now, Ashley gets to live her dream every single day—she’s a Veterinary Technician with the Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital family!

Ashley grew up on a dairy farm in Chittenango, New York and first joined the Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital team in May of 2004 on the recommendation of fellow employees. She began as a Kennel Assistant, and is currently enrolled in classes at Penn Foster College in order to receive her official certification as a Veterinary Technician.

When she’s not here at the clinic helping pets to feel better, Ashley likes showing draft horses, relaxing at the beach, and spending time with her own animal companions at home. She has two dogs—Lilly the Silver Labrador and a Doberman named Khall—as well as a pair of loveable cats who go by Gary and Beans.
Veterinary Assistant
The very first dog that Diane owned as an adult was only three weeks old when he was given to Diane. The pup had a few medical issues that needed to be addressed, and Diane found herself fascinated as she helped medicate and nurse the dog to full health. She quickly realized that she wanted to learn more! That’s why Diane decided to become a veterinary professional herself.

Originally from the Detroit, Michigan area, Diane began her animal-care journey by volunteering at an animal shelter. It wasn’t long before she was hired on as an employee. From there, Diane ventured into day practice, emergency care, and animal control work before joining the Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital family in August of 2017. Having previously worked with Dr. Bunnell, she was thrilled to join forces once again to provide the best possible care to the area’s pets!

When she’s not at work, Diane can be found curling up with a good book or enjoying the company of her own pets at home. She has two dogs—a Golden Retriever named Duke and a playful German Shepherd named Shelby—as well as three adorable cats named Yuki, Celery, and Pandora.
Veterinary Assistant
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Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist
Bonnie served as a high school English teacher for 32 fulfilling years before deciding to retire and embark on a new journey. She’d always had a soft spot for pets, so she decided to take a leap of faith. Bonnie couldn’t be happier with her choice! She’s proud to serve as a part of Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital’s compassionate kennel staff.

Bonnie was born in Morristown, New Jersey but moved to Fayetteville at the age of two. She’s been here ever since! After her years of teaching, Bonnie joined the Fayetteville Veterinary Hospital team in September of 2018 and makes it her mission to help each and every boarding visitor to the clinic feel welcomed and comfortable. She doesn’t stop there, though—Bonnie is currently enrolled in online classes to become a Veterinary Technician and help pets in an even more hands-on way!

When she has time between her coursework and her duties here at the clinic, Bonnie likes making art and giving her time to the Long Island Bulldog Rescue. At home, she and her husband, Tim, enjoy the company of many pets of their own. They have three rescued English Bulldogs—Daisy, Brenda, and Wally—as well as a pug named Lene, all four of whom love donuts. Bonnie and her husband also share their lives with an African Gray parrot named Modoc, a Cockatoo who goes by Hi, Boris the rabbit, a turtle named Max, four chickens, and several goldfish.
Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist
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Emma K.
Veterinary Assistant/Receptionist
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Emma S.
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